Under Starter’s Orders! The 2024 Season is almost here!

With sights firmly set on the dawning of the 2024 season, British Eventing will later this week release the 2024 Members’ Handbook, which includes several changes for the coming year that we want to bring to your attention to help with your planning. A full summary of all the changes is available here

We have met with the organiser groups, and they have requested an increase in event entry fees to help them to continue to run viable events in an environment of ever-increasing base costs.

Therefore, it has been agreed that there will be an 8% increase for National Classes and 12% for FEI Classes. We are conscious of the costs of sport in this climate, but we also need to ensure that our organisers are running viable events.

Body protectors
From 1st January 2024, the Level 3 blue BETA 2018 standard will be required when riding at any British Eventing event. The purple BETA 2009 safety certification will no longer be permitted for use at British Eventing competitions.

Hat standard
There will be an additional new hat standard coming in – BS EN1384:2023. Riders are reminded that all hats must be tagged.

Dress rule
British Eventing now allows navy and black breeches and jodhpurs, as well as white, buff and fawn, in all phases and level of competition, including navy and black seats on white breeches/jodhpurs.

Eventing is unique in the fact that we host events that are a mix of horses that compete in National and International events at the same venue and who may share the same stabling; this means we need to take the guidance from our Chief Veterinary Officer and Committees and bring our vaccination process in line with the FEI. This will give our members a slightly bigger window for vaccinating and for simplification will cover us for BE International and National competitions.

The new requirements for the time frame for any new Primary Vaccination course, between the V2 and V3 vaccinations, will now be 6 months and 21 days (previously it was within 7 months).

In addition to this, any horse competing should also show that a booster injection has been given within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. Please see the full rule for details.

British Eventing’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Ali Butler commented: “Our event calendar is notably complicated because we often have International and National classes happening at the same venue on the same day.

“Whilst some international venues have stabling on site and we can keep the stabling separate, others don’t for short format, and horses are travelling and stabling elsewhere with horses competing under National rules and therefore different vaccination statuses.

“We are also doing this in the horses’ best interests and to give them the optimal immunological protection when at the highest risk i.e., during the competition season.”

Virtual Waiting room
We know last year that we had significant challenges with the entry system and whilst we are not ready to move to ‘first come first served’ yet we have built a virtual waiting room so entrants who are waiting to get on to the system know where they are in the queue. We hope this will alleviate the issues we had last year.

Grassroots qualifications
In addition to two double clears, any combination finishing in the top 20% of any qualifying class at BE80 & BE100 will qualify for the regional championships and a minimum of the top 20% from the regional championships will qualify for the national championships.

At BE90 level, in additional to two double clears, the top 20% from the qualifying classes will qualify for the regional championships, but a minimum of the top 10% will qualify for the national championships. In addition, downgraded horses may now compete and qualify and riders must not have completed (i.e. finished) at Intermediate or higher for the current or preceding four (4) calendar years for the Grassroots Championships.

The Scottish Grassroots Championships eligibility has been bought in line with the other grassroots championships. However, members will again qualify for the Scottish Championships through the leagues rather than a Regional Championships.

Please note: The updates in this release are for national competitions run under British Eventing. Riders competing in FEI classes are reminded to keep an eye on the latest updates from the FEI.

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