Riders confirmed for Boekelo Horse Trials 2023

Please see below combinations who have been selected to compete at the 2023 Boekelo Horse Trials (NED), 4th – 8th October 2023.

If any Rider decides they do not wish to compete at Boekelo please inform the International Secretary at your earliest convenience.  Selection is subject to continued performance.

  1. MHS Seventeen Ros Canter – Owned by Lady Milnes Coates and Deirdre Johnston
  2. Dassett Cooley Dun Ros Canter – Owned by Kate Willis and Mel Pritchard
  3. Dacapo Laura Collett – Owned by Mr and Mrs M. Smedley, Carolyn Taylor, Gillian Morris-Adams and Diana Chappell
  4. SBH Big Wall Izzy Taylor – Owned by Jane Timmis
  5. Rehy DJ Yasmin Ingham – Owned by The Sue Davies Fund and Janette Chinn
  6. Class Vista Flora Harris – Owned by Rider
  7. Cooley Snapchat Selina Milnes – Owned by Mr and Mrs William Rucker
  8. D.Day Caroline Harris – Owned by Fiona Olivier, Lucy Matthews, Marie Anne Richardson and Heather Royle
  9. Ellfield Voyager Alex Whewall – Owned by Sheila Rowe
  10. Hi Tech Xanthe Goldsack – Owned by Rider
  11. Global Quest Georgie Campbell – Owned by Diana and Lance Morrish
  12. Ngong Valley Harriet Wright – Owned by Rider
  13. Igor B Kristana Hall – Jackson – Owned by KHJ Eventing and Rider
  14. Deerpairc Revelry Max Warburton – Owned by The Paske Sydicate
  15. Fever Pitch Storm Straker – Owned by Victoria Straker
  16. Just Have Faith TN Alfie Marshall – Owned by Rider
  17. Bob Cotton Bandit Laura Birley – Owned by Rider
  18. EG Michealangelo Rose Nesbitt – Owned by Rider and John and Francesca Nesbitt
  19. Templar Juno Katie Preston – Owned by Juniper Syndicate and Rider
  20. Solsboro Sweetpea Alicia Wilkinson – Owned by Henrietta Wilkinson


21. MC Parco Pete Tyler Cassells – Owned by Amanda Hemming
22. PSH Gazelle Aimee Penny – Owned by Gary Power
23. Opposition Aphrodite Kirsty Chabert – Owned by Carole Somers
24. Sportsfields Freelance – Laura Collett

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