Next generation of body protectors launched

Charles Owen has added a stunning new body protector to its range. Kontor is the latest addition to Charles Owen’s world of equestrian safety wear. The British helmet brand is renowned for its pioneering approach to safety, but Kontor represents a new era for the company. With its distinctive design, the body protector appeals to style-savvy eventers and pleasure riders. The first body protector launched under the Charles Owen brand, the greatly anticipated Kontor is certified to the highest safety standards on the market.

What sets Kontor apart? Picture this – super-flexible, body-slimming style lines that make you not just safe, but also look fabulous. It’s not your average body protector – it’s a marriage of safety and style, flawlessly blended to make you stand out in the arena. The design isn’t just about looks, it’s about uncompromising safety. Outer blocks and inner panels, packed with high-impact-absorbing foams, ensure that you’re shielded to the max. Comfort and adaptability are woven into Kontor’s DNA, making it the ideal choice for riders who demand the best. Certified to the highest BETA level 3 2018 standard, Kontor is our commitment to your safety. The superior design and technology mean it doesn’t just sit on you, it molds to your form, providing unparalleled protection to your vital organs and ribs in the event of a fall.

Charles Owen enlisted the help of world champion Yasmin Ingham to launch Kontor. “When riding cross country I need to feel as comfortable as possible to allow me to concentrate on giving my horse the best ride. My Charles Owen Kontor body protector not only feels like a second skin, but gives me the confidence that I am giving my body the best protection from impact should it be needed. I put my trust in Charles Owen helmets and body protectors because I truly believe they are the
best on the market.”

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