FEI Registrations & FEI Rule Changes – Key Information for International Riders

The Eventing Spring Carnival at Thoresby, running from 31 March until 2 April, will be the first FEI competition taking place on British soil this year. Before the entries open next week on 21 February, here’s a quick update on the key information you need when competing in international classes.

Make sure you are registered

If you are planning to enter an FEI Class in 2023 both you and your horse will need to have completed your 2023 FEI Registrations, otherwise your entry will not pass the entry validation.

Find out more about registrations here.

Competing overseas

For 2023, if you are planning to compete at an overseas FEI event you must first fill out this form – 2023 Application to Compete Overseas | British Eventing. MERs will be checked, and athletes will be contacted with further information on the specific event.

Please note:

  • Applications for an overseas event will close 7 days prior to the stated definite entries close date in the FEI schedule.
  • Your application will be declined if the above form is not filled out and FEI registrations are invalid. We do not accept applications in any other format. You will not be able to enter the event if the application is declined.

If you are uncertain whether you/your horse are qualified for the level that you wish to enter, please contact to check your qualifications. British riders can also check their MERs for International events online here –

For further information about competing internationally please visit the international competition page on the BE Website.

2023 FEI Rule Changes

The FEI have also made the following key rule changes for 2023. As a competitor in FEI competitions (1*-5*) you are responsible for knowing the rules for the competition of which you wish to compete.

Athlete Categories

The FEI have changed the way in which Athlete Categories are calculated, which means that riders previously listed as a certain category may find that the category has now changed. This could in turn affect the Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MERs) they require to compete at certain levels.

Athletes will be categorised (Uncategorised International, D, C, B, A) according to their performance in a rolling four-year period, as defined in the following table.

The Athlete category will be updated according to the performances at the end of each month, taking into account the rolling four and a half years (4.5) in order to take into consideration the cancellation of events due to the 2020 Covid pandemic. The Athlete category at the closing date of definite entries prevails.

D Ten (10) MER at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format Competitions of two-star level or above; or three (3) MERs at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format competitions at higher level.
C Ten (10) MER at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format Competitions of three-star level or above; or three (3) MERs at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format competitions at higher level
B Ten (10) MER at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format Competitions of four-star level or above; or three (3) MERs at FEI long format (CCIs-L) competitions at five-star level.
A Ten (10) MER at FEI CCI short (CCIs-S) or long (CCIs-L) format Competitions of four-star level or above of which three (3) were at five-star level.

Please visit the following page on the FEI Website,, to check what category you are.


There has also been amendment to the article relating to Minimum Eligibility Requirement validity period for CCI4*-S/L and CCI5*-L, which now states the additional requirements for horses having not competed at FEI competition for a period of 13 consecutive months or more will have to complete an event at a lower level before entering a CCI4*-S/L or CCI5*-L event as follows:

– CCI4*-S: must complete a CCI3*-S/L

– CCI4*-L: must complete a CCI4*-S

– CCI5*-L: must complete a CCI4*-S/L

Other changes to the Minimum Eligibility Requirements also include the following:

  • Exceptions for MERs – the 1st activation of a frangible deformable device (11 Pens) or having 1 missed flag (15 penalties) will still allow a MER.
  • FEI athletes in Category A with horses having already obtained a MER at 5*L competition must complete as a combination 2 x 4*S OR 1 x 4*L.

Other changes

Other FEI rules changes include a new rule regarding the use of earphones at FEI events and some amendments to the dress for all three phases.

For a full copy of the 2023 FEI Rule changes please click here.

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