British Eventing – grace period update re BETA2018 body protectors

Following feedback from members, and subsequent conversations with the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA), British Eventing have been informed that there is a supply issue being seen by some in relation to the new Level 3 blue BETA2018 standard body protector.

With this in mind, we have agreed with our insurers that a six-week grace period can be put in place. This means that ALL body protectors, being worn at any British Eventing event, will need to be of the Level 3 blue BETA2018 standard by no later than Monday 8 April 2024.   

The purple BETA 2009 safety certification will no longer be permitted after this date.

There are three different levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, with Level 3 being recommended for working with horses and competing in events like jumping and eventing, and is designed to prevent minor injuries.

Body protectors are a mandatory piece of safety equipment required while riding cross-country and over solid fences in arena eventing during all British Eventing affiliated events.

They are designed to protect a rider by absorbing the high levels of energy created when falling off a horse or being kicked or stepped on by a horse. A correctly-fitted body protector can offer protection to the abdomen and internal organs, chest and ribs, and prevent against soft tissue injuries.  

BETA also recommend that a body protector be replaced after three to five years, depending on the frequency of use and how well the garment has been cared for. After five years the impact absorption properties of the foam may have started to decline and if the garment sustains impacts through falls, then the ability of the foam to absorb future impacts will have been compromised.

British Eventing will be undertaking spot checks at events from the 8th April 2024 to ensure compliancy.

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